RB Leipzig will try to stop Schalke

Read our professional soccer predictions for the Bundesliga game today.

RB Leipzig

Leipzig RB ended the year in fifth position and with not very good last games. In their last 5 games in all tournaments they failed to record success. In the final round before the break, they made an unexpected home loss of 2:3 by Hertha. It was the only domestic defeat to date in the league. In the spring, they are expected to continue their games in Europe after finishing third in their group in the Champions League. Leipzig remains one of the strong teams in the Bundesliga, but he certainly can not hold as high as last season.


Schalke has significantly improved his performance this season and is now in second place in the standings. The visitors, however, lag behind 11 points from the top and have 2 lead in front of the third Dortmund. Schalke finished the year without feeling the loss of taste. The team is in a series of matches without defeat, and it has exactly 13 consecutive fights. Otherwise, Schalke lost a total of 3 games so far in the Bundesliga, though not so soon. The defeats were from Hannover, Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich. During the break, the “royal horsemans” hired Marco Piaza from Juventus, and he scored a goal in control against Genk last week, winning 2:1.

Leipzig RB seems to be getting worse in the season. Still, we know the hosts of what they are capable of, so they will certainly try to start winning the new year. Schalke performs better than his opponent so far. The series of games without the defeat of the guests continues and our opinion is that it will continue after the game.
Professional soccer predictions : X, goal / goal



Manchester City is unlikely to miss the chance at the Carabo Cup final . We offer you our fotball betting tips here.

Manchester City

Manchester City is on the brink of finishing the tournament. On Saturday, “citizens” also won their FA Cup match, turning Burnley to 4:1. The hosts are still without loss in England this season, and their performances so far are simply unanswered. However, in this tournament, City has not reached the semi-finals easily. The quarter-finals have recently eliminated Leicester, but this was after regular time draw and penalty shootout. Similar was the situation of the Wolverhampton Olimp. Now, at first glance, the rival is easy, but it should not be underestimated either.

Bristol City

Bristol City is one of the contenders for promotion in the league. The team is currently at the lower level of Championship, where it is ranked fourth. After a series of good results, guests recorded three consecutive losses in their last three games. First they lost 1:2 from Wolverhampton. There was a defeat 5:0 defeat at Aston Villa’s visit. This Saturday also dropped out of the FA Cup after losing 3:0 as Watford’s guest. However, Karabao Kup takes them more. So far, four teams have been overtaken by the league. First it was Watford, and then Stoke City, Crystal Palace and even Manchester United were thrown out.

Manchester City is a huge favorite in the pair and is unlikely to miss his chance to play the final in the tournament. However, they have to be careful, since underestimation is a bit of a bad joke at an earlier stage of the race. Bristol City is not to be removed after he has gone so far and has already eliminated four teams from England’s elite. Worrying are the results of the last three games of the guests who are here on track to record a fourth consecutive loss. More normal than this, however, we do not think Man. City will not miss the win this time. We recall that the semi-finals are in two games and there will be a rematch of Bristol City. We believe that “citizens” will predict things to a large extent now.
Football betting tips : 1, over 2.5 goals



Football betting tips for Newcastle – Manchester City
Newcastle is facing Manchester City in a 20th round of Premier League.
The start of the campaign was pretty good for the Newcastle team, who won four of their first nine matches on their return to the Premier League. But then black clouds hung over Rafa Benitez and a company like the team took only a point in their next nine games and was very close to the relegation zone. After minimal losses from Everton and Arsenal, in the last round Newcastle recalled the taste of victory after winning West Ham with a score of 3:2 as a guest.

For the second time in the season, the “Sharks” scored three goals, in the first case this was again against West Ham – in the 3-0 victory in the third round. Newcastle had very strong moments on its own pitch at the start of the campaign by winning three of its first five St James’s Season seasons. But now they are in a series of four consecutive home losses, and that’s not good when they have to face Manchester City.

The Citizens gathered 55 points in their assets after a clear 4:0 victory over Bournemouth on Saturday. Sergio Aguero on two occasions, Rahim Stirling and Danilo were the top scorers for the “skyscrapers” who crossed the 100-goal limit for 2017. City is in a series of 17 consecutive Premier League victories and no one expects Newcastle to stop Pep Guardiola‘s team. Manchester City will look for its 11th consecutive victory as a guest in the league in its match against the “Swarovski”. We believe the Pep Guardiola-led team will continue to break the record and will easily record a success on their visit to Newcastle by taking advances to the rest.

Football betting tips : 2/2



Milan hosts Atalanta in a match in the 18th round of the Italian Seria A. We offer you our soccer bet predictions for that match.
The hosts are in eighth place in the “A” series standings with 24 points as their upcoming rival Atalanta. However, guests from Bergamo have a better goal difference and occupy seventh position. Milan is still very mediocre and has only one victory in his last five championship games. “Rosonies” are lagging behind 14 points in the fourth round of Roma and it seems they will not return to the Champions League. That was the big goal for the team at the start of the season, and some specialists even put them in the fight for the title.

However, Milan’s project is disappointing so far and even rumors during the week that Leonardo Bonucci’s most senior addition wants to leave the team. The hosts did not perform well in defending three goals on their Verona tour in the last round, before winning 2:1 against Bologna and making 2:2 as Benetveno guests who won their first historic point against the Rosoneri “.

Atalanta’s team is in better shape with two wins and two draws in their last four league matches. The team from Bergamo made 3:3 with Lazio in the last round in a very spectacular match, and on his last visit Genoa beat 2:1. A little more than a month ago, Atalanta had a visit to San Siro, but left her empty hand after losing 0-2 from Inter. Now, however, they have a much better chance of taking something out of this trip to Milan. We think that in any case we will get a result, because in the last three games of Atalanta there were 11 goals and for the same number of matches in the meetings of Milan were scored 10 hits.

Soccer Bet Predictions: Over 2.5 goals




Professional soccer predictions for Leicester – Manchester City
Leicester faces Manchester City in the 1/4-final match of the League Cup tournament.
Over the past weekend Leicester played his worst game under Claude Puel after losing at home with 0:3 in the area of the falling Crystal Palace. The “Foxes” underestimated the start of this fight and Palas led through Bennetet, who scored his first goal for the season. In the course of the game Leicester failed to find his game and allowed two more goals, ending his five-game series without defeat.

Now Claude Pueil’s graduates glance at the League Cup tournament where they could not have a heavier rival than Manchester City. Leicester has already eliminated Liverpool on its own field at the 1/16-finals, so they certainly believe in their chances of eliminating the leader in the Premier League. In the last round Leicester managed Leeds with 3:1, once again hosted, so the draw is favorable to them in this respect.

The Manchester City team recorded the 16th consecutive win in the Premier League after breaking Tottenham 4:1 on Saturday night. Only three days later, the team has a trip to the King Power Stage, so Pep Guardiola can break some of the leading figures in the squad. The 1/8-finals City had to wait for the penalty shootout to eliminate Wolverhampton on its own pitch. The Guardiola had Sterling, Aguero and Zesuze as holders, but they were unable to write. Now, “citizens” face a rival who will be ambitious to reward their fans for the defeat of Crystal Palace at the weekend. We think there will be a result, because in the last three matches of Leicester, 13 goals have been scored, and for that period, 12 goals have been played in City fights.

Professional soccer predictions : Over 2.5 goals

In Spain, the Basque Derby expects this round between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad.Professional soccer bets below.
Athletic Bilbao

14th place is currently assigned to Athletic Bilbao. The season is not good for the hosts who are far from our familiar form in recent years. However, lately there has been an improvement in Athletic performances. After a surprising drop in the Cup, they scored 0: 0 here with Real Madrid. In the last round they finally won a game again in the league and defeated Levante as guest 2-1. Early in their 2:0 tournament, they also won the Europa League Race, which sealed them in the tournament. So perhaps the long-awaited upturn in Bilbao’s performances is coming.

Real Sociedad

Real Sociedad was better than his rival, but lately he has seen a decline in the team and now he’s in 10th place. At the moment the guests are without a win in their last 5 games. The top shot was for the Cup when they led 2:0 against Leida, but allowed a 2:3 turn, drop and loss. Last week they also did not meet expectations and lost 0-2 away to Malaga. So it was a fourth consecutive loss for Real Sociedad in all the tournaments.

Athletic Bilbao is not what it was until recently. However, the last matches give hope that the hosts’ performance is on the rise. Real Sociedad was doing better. but we have seen inconsequential results lately. We believe that Athletic will continue to improve its performance and will look to their success.
Professional soccer bets : 1



Professional soccer predictions for Borussia Dortmund and Hoffenheim
Borussia Dortmund and Hoffenheim occupy fifth and sixth place in the German Bundesliga, with the difference between them being only one point. This week the two teams face each other and the last nine times when this happened, Hoffenheim did not reach the victory. Now the household is on the side of Dortmund, and this is no doubt an advantage as they have won their last three households of this rival.

Dortmund have no victory in their last four households

Borussia Dortmund finally managed to win a Bundesliga victory, this happened at the start of this week when Mainz was overcame. It was their first success for their last nine championship matches. However, the statistics in the team’s households are still quite grim, because in their last four fights they have won only one point.

Hoffenheim have had one success in their last five visits

Hoffenheim has already dropped out of Europa League, but it is obviously difficult to find their rhythm in the Bundesliga. In their last ten championship games they have only three wins, but they are only three points out of Schalke 04’s second position. The team has only one victory in their last five away games against the total outsider Cologne. In the last two visits, losses were recorded by Hamburger and Hanover 96, at zero.

Professional soccer prediction : 1


West Ham – Arsenal 13.12.2017

Professional football predictions for West Ham – Arsenal

West Ham meets Arsenal in a match of the 17th round of the English Premier League.

This will be the second consecutive London derby for the “hammers”, which on Saturday beat Chelsea with 1:0 on their own terrain. David Mois achieved the first win of the team, but West Ham stayed in the relegation zone. The team has 13 points and takes the 18th place with a new success, almost certainly going out of the danger zone. West Ham has made a very strong defense against Chelsea and helped them win the game. “The Hammers” had the worst defeat in the Premier League before the “blue” derby, and many expected them to make two or three hits, but apparently David Mose had done a good job. Now the hosts will try to stop Alexander Lukaset and company to record a second consecutive win in Premier League for the first time since January.

Arsenal’s team is fifth with 29 points behind it and is one of Liverpool’s fourth-placed team. Over the weekend, Arsenal made 1:1 as a guest at Southampton. “Gunners” did not play a very strong match at St. Mary’s Stadium and may be happy to have a point. Olivier Girou scored as a reserve in the closing minutes of the match to bring the draw of the “balls”. It was the second consecutive match without a win in the Premier League for Londoners who previously lost to Manchester United with 1:3. Arsene Wenger’s team was overtaken by Liverpool, who has been in a strong form lately.

Arsenal defeated West Ham with 5: 1 on its last visit to London Stadeim and home win 3:0 last season. Ten of the last eleven games between these teams have ended with three or more hits and we are looking forward to a lot of hits in this London derby.

Professional Football Predictions : Over 2.5 goals



Mainz 05 – Dortmund 12.12.2017

Borussia Dortmund will try to end the negative series when he visits Mainz.
We offer you our professional soccer bets below.
Borussia’s leadership finally took the right decision and fired Peter Bosch after another defeat of the team. On Saturday, Borussia lost 1:2 to weaker Werder Bremen at home, and with this result, the trust of the former Ajax coach was exhausted. The new black-and-white mentor is Peter Sohgel, who has been Cologne’s head for over four years, and has ranked the Europa League team last season. However, the guard was released after the weak start of the “goats” season and now he was given the chance to take up one of the top Bundesliga teams.

The Mainz hosts are in 14th place in the standings with 16 points, with less than 13th Stuttgart. Red-and-White scored two losses and one draw in their last three matches in the First Bundesliga. The last success of the team was 1:0 over Cologne on November 18 at home. In the last round, however, Mainz 05 played a strong match by winning a point in his second visit to Leipzig after a 2-2 draw.

It was a matter of defeating Borussia Dortmund from Werder in the last round. It was the eighth consecutive match without a victory for the “yellow and black” in the championship. The team from Signal Iduna Park cashed five losses for this period, and in one of the duels missed an advance of four goals against Schalke and eventually won only a point of the match.

Peter Bosch certainly did not manage to keep Borussia at the highest level. The guests started the season very strongly, but the subsequent downturn expected to lead to the split with Bosch. We expect the appointment of Peter Sohgel to have a positive impact on the players and Borussia Dortmund to win his visit to Mainz because he is a much more classy team.

Professional soccer bets : 2



Marseille – St.Etienne 10.12.2017

Marseille can take advantage of Saint Etienne’s weak appearances. We offer you our single soccer prediction for that clash.

Host Marseille

Before the start of the round, Marseille was fourth. After two consecutive wins in League 1, the hosts made a 1:1 draw in the last round of their visit to Montpellier. In the week Marseille made 0-0 with Salzburg in the Europa League, but that did not prevent them from continuing in the tournament. As a host they have only one loss this season. She was from Rehn just 3 months ago. In fact, it was the last defeat in League 1 for Marseille. They have one more, and it was a visit to Monaco.

St. Etienne

This season does not go well for St. Etienne. They are in the 13th position before the round. Besides, the shape of the team is not good. The visitors are without a win in their last 8 games. For the last time they won against the last Metz with 3:1, and this happened almost two months ago. In addition, the “saints” lost their last two visits – 3:0 from Bordeaux and 3:1 from Lille. There is also an unpleasant statistic about St. Etienne. It is that from 16 Stade Velodrome matches St. Etienne did not win once.

Marseille can only use Saint Etienne’s poor condition and continue the unpleasant tendency for guests who can not win at this stadium. The two teams have been in a very different form lately and Marseille is unlikely to be defeated right now. We expect a new home win.
Single soccer prediction : 1


Dortmund – Werder 09.12.2017

It is time for Dortmund to win again against Werder.Thats our professional football betting tips.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund is already in sixth place. The unfortunate series without a win for the hosts continues. In the last 7 rounds and in their last 8 matches in all the tournaments the “yellow and black” are unsuccessful. Their last home was probably close to one, but they allowed a 4:4 draw from Schalke. Last week they reached a 1:1 draw on their Leverkusen visit and on Wednesday they played dignified in their last match of the Champions League, but lost 3:2 from Real Madrid. Curious detail is that Dortmund has allowed at least one goal in his goal in 14 of his last 15 games in all races.

Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen does not go well in this campaign. Currently, guests are in the penultimate 17th place in the relegation zone. The team has only two wins since the start of the season. They happened in the last two households of the team. They first broke out 4:0 against Hannover. There was a 2-0 loss from Leipzig. In the last round came the second victory, and she was 1-0 over Stuttgart. Thus, signs of revival have emerged at Werder, who are hoping to continue even now against Dortmund’s inconclusive recent.

The fall of Dortmund does not stop. Will there be no end to the unfortunate series for Peter Bos? Werder seems to be a suitable rival for the purpose. However, the visitors started to rise even though they are still without a victory as a guest for the moment. Dortmund won the last 5 games between the two teams and 9 of the last 10 matches between them. The bad series of hosts must end and we think this will happen now.
Professional football betting picks : 1, over 2.5 goals



Getafe – Valencia 03.12.2017

Professional soccer predictions for Getafe – Valencia
Getafe welcomes Valencia in a match of the 14th round in Primera Division.
The Getafe team is in the middle of the table and occupies 12th position with a 16-point asset. The Madrid players are just three points from the seventh Real Sociedad, which shows that the differences in La Liga are very small. In the last round, Getafe lost 0:1 to Espanyol so he lost positions and now has a heavy host to Valencia, and in defeat he can go even further. At his last home, Getafe beat Deportivo Alavez 4:1, before defeating Real Sociedad 2:1, but they have three successes and three defeats at his Alfonso Perez Coliseum. Losses from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla show that Getafe fails to successfully defeat the leading teams and is unlikely to change that against Valencia.

The “bats” made 1:1 with Barcelona in the last round and continued to be unbeaten in the Spanish Championship. Valencia is second in the standings by four points less than the “Catalonians” who are the first. Valencia recorded two draws as a guest in their first two visits, but they were not light as they faced Real Madrid and Levante. Then Marseilino’s students recorded four consecutive wins away from home, scoring a total of 13 goals for that period. The most impressive was the 6:3 success over Betis on October 15, and in his last visit Valencia easily beat Espanyol with 2:0.

Valencia left with three points in three of his previous four visits to Getafe. Seeing the “bats” in such an incredible form this season, we expect them to win the Sunday clash in Madrid.

Professional soccer predictions : 2


Watford – Tottenham 02.12.2017

Watford will also look for a way to stumble from Tottenham. We offer you our professional football bets below.

Team Watford

Watford is on the eighth place in the table and three points behind his rival. The hosts recorded some good results from the beginning of the season but are generally inconsistent in their performance and difficult to predict. After two consecutive wins with a total score of 5:0, on Tuesday came a loss. Then they retreated Manchester United with 2:4. And in this game, Watford’s defenses were noticed. For the already 14 rounds, the team has 25 hits, which does not speak well about the defensive shaft.

Team Tottenham

Tottenham fell to the seventh position in the standings. For the last 4 rounds, the guests won only once – 1:0 against Crystal Palace. Last week they only reached 1:1 home against West Bromwich. In the week they also lost 2:1 on Leicester’s visit, which contributed to the lower position in the standings. Here is perhaps the time for a new success to keep chances for the top positions in the table. Statistics in recent years are on the side of the Spurs in the matches against Watford. Tottenham won his last seven matches against this opponent.

Watford is still a mystery and is always able to surprise us. The team needs an improvement in the defense, which is not the best unit of the team. Tottenham lagged behind the top 4 and after losing on Tuesday they should not allow a new offshoot. This is the reason why we will win the Spurs in this match, which will be the eighth consecutive over Watford.
Professional football bets : 2, over 2.5 goals




Roma – Spal 01.12.2017

Roma comes out for easy three points against SPAL . Read our professional soccer predictions for that match.
Roma will accept the newcomer SPAL as early as Friday night as the team will have to play their last meeting in the group stage of the Champions League next Tuesday. Of course, the Roman wolves are pointed to an absolute favorite in the game, and this is one of our predictions with the lowest odds for a home win. On the other hand, however, Roma will hardly miss the three points.

Roma have won five of their last six Serie A games

Roma have not yet secured their exit from the Champions League, but this should be kept in the background as the team is also fighting for the Italian Serie A. There they have scored in the last round, from five consecutive wins. However, Roma are in the fourth place in the standings, and even less than the teams in front of them.

SPAL do not win a visit

SPAL are located at the other extreme, and before the start of the round, they occupy a place in the falling area. The team has two wins and eight losses in their up to date 14 games in the new season. Problems for the newcomer, however, come mostly in their visits. Up to now, SPAL have had seven visits and have not yet recorded a win – five losses and two draws. It seems that this series will continue.
Professional soccer predictions : 1